Penumbra Summoning Ceremony

This is Penumbra's public summoning ceremony, where we gather contributions from the community in order to create the proving keys we'll be using at mainnet. For more information, see our announcement blog post.

Active! 4320 completed, 1068 waiting, top bid 209penumbra, median bid 105penumbra
Waiting for Phase 1...

How to Contribute

Creating a Wallet

Ceremony contributions require using the command line. Follow the Penumbra Guide to set up pcli and create a wallet.
If you already have pcli installed, make sure you're using v0.63.1:

$ cargo run --quiet --release --bin pcli -- --version
pcli v0.63.1

Receiving Faucet Funds

After setting up a wallet, you can join our Public Discord in order to get testnet funds.

To do this, you need to first get your address from pcli:

cargo run --quiet --release --bin pcli -- view address

Then, you can go to the #testnet-faucet channel in the Discord, and paste that address to receive funds.


The coordinator uses the Penumbra testnet to run an anonymous auction for contribution slots. At each slot, the connected participant with the highest bid is selected to contribute.

To join the queue, use pcli ceremony contribute to place a bid:

cargo run --quiet --release --bin pcli -- ceremony contribute --phase 1 --bid 60penumbra --coordinator-address penumbra1qvqr8cvqyf4pwrl6svw9kj8eypf3fuunrcs83m30zxh57y2ytk94gygmtq5k82cjdq9y3mlaa3fwctwpdjr6fxnwuzrsy4ezm0u2tqpzw0sed82shzcr42sju55en26mavjnw4

The minimum bid for this ceremony is 60penumbra.

Once in the queue, you just have to wait until the command completes.

Sharing your Contribution

pcli will output your contribution hash after submission.

Posting your contribution hash publicly allows others to verify that your contribution was included in the transcript!

Reconnecting and Rebidding

To change your bid, you can simply run the command again with a different bid amount. Note that each time you bid with the command above, this adds additional funds to all of the previous bids you've already submitted.

If you get disconnected for some reason, you can simply bid 0penumbra and recover your position in the queue, since all of your previous bids have been recorded.